[sebhc] New Media Order

Patrick patrick at vintagecomputermarketplace.com
Mon Apr 19 15:34:39 CDT 2004


As previously mentioned, I am going to place a bulk order for new (not new
old stock) hard and soft-sector 5.25" media.

Based on my estimate for order size, the quoted price is $1.85 per diskette
(double-sided, double-density; the hard-sectored diskettes are punched 10
sector and work both on the Heath and North Star disk systems).  The
diskettes are bulk-packed and do not come with sleeves, boxes, or labels.

The vendor is a manufacturer and normally deals with orders in the multiple
thousands.  Economies of scale are not strongly in our favor unless you all
surprise me and everyone wants 1000 :-), but the price they quoted me is
somewhat better than that I got nearly two years ago (about $2.00 each).

If you'd like to participate in the order, please let me know how many
(each) of hard-sectored and soft-sectored diskettes you would like.  If we
get enough requests, we may get a further discount (I'll ask once I know the
total order).  Shipping and tax (CA residents only) will be determined based
on your order.  If any of you care to know, I will be ordering 250 of each
for myself.

Please let me know by next Monday the 26th if you care to participate.


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