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Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Mon Apr 26 08:44:57 CDT 2004

At 08:53 26/04/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Is anyone planning to upload documentation about the H8 tapes, or does 
>anyone have it who is willing to let me borrow it to copy? I have BH 
>Basic, Extended BH Basic, TED-8, HASL-8, BUG-8, etc, but I do not have 
>any documentation for it.

I have the Heath H8 Software Reference manual, which includes sections
  PAM-8 panel monitor
  BUG-8 Console Debugger
  TED-8 Text editor
  HASL-8 Heath Assembly Language
  BH Basic and Extended BH Basic

I am planning to scan this and post it on my site fairly soon - perhaps
someone will be able to grab it from there and copy it to the SEBHC site.

I have a very slow dial-up connection - I post large files to my vintage
computer site via "CD NET" - I burn a CD and physically take it to the
site. - So sorry I can't upload to SEBHC directly.

This has been delayed because I'm still trying to work out a scanner problem.
Basically, my sheetfeed Paperport Vx scanner only works with Paperport software
(the twain driver scans 1 page and then you have to reboot before you can scan
another) and when I print to the PDFwriter from Paperport, it "squishes" a
couple of lines each page to about 1/2 height, rendering them almost illegible.

Anyone else got this scanner setup - anyone found a solution?

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