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Peter Shkabara peter59 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 5 09:29:42 CDT 2004

Thank you to all that responded. Paul was right; it was a WordStar file. The
problem now is that the version is was created on (CP/M) is a bit different
(lacks a binary header) than the MS-DOS version. As a result, my DataViz
Conversions Plus program does not recognize it as WordStar format unless I
add the binary header. Fortunately, QuickView Plus that I also have does
recognize it and will allow me to copy and paste the text without losing too
much of the formatting.

The conclusion is that I can perform the conversions of my documents, but it
will have to wait till I complete my upcoming move. We are moving from the
foothills of the Sierra Nevada (near Sonora, CA) to Fortuna, CA near Eureka.

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>    Definitely WordStar.  I've added the explanations.

> .. 6MHz instructions
> .. Standard instruction format for 8.5 by 5.5 booklets
> .. Uses pica type real size
> .. by Peter Shkabara 7-10-87

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