[sebhc] keyboard

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Fri Dec 24 23:02:06 CST 2004

Hi Jack
 Sorry, I just accidentally bid on the keyboards.
I did a refresh and for some reason, it showed
"0" bids. When I bid, your bid showed up????
 Like I said, it wasn't intentional.
 I think I still have your eprom. I have to get that
sent out. I should be able to do it in the next
couple of days. I've been kind of distracted. My
brother just passed away from cancer. It was
rough on the entire family. As things are settling
down, I can get back to other projects.
 Don't feel too bad for me. Several people that
are real close to me have just had new children
( 3 of them in the last week ). It is all part
of life. I still rejoice in life.

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