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Steve Thatcher melamy at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 1 17:13:53 CDT 2004

what Carroll was tring to say is that in a H17 hard sector controller,  it would make no difference whether you put a SS disk or a HS disk in. The drive would still work and the disk would be treated as a HS disk. It was not an attempt to make a hard sector controller read a soft sector formatted disk...

correct me if I have interpreted things wrong Carroll.

best regards, Steve Thatcher

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>From: "Carroll Waddell" <CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com>
>I was just thinking that if we could build a sector pulse generator to 
>use soft sector diskettes in the H17, it would be nice to build in a 
>circuit that could detect if the diskette was hard or soft sector. If 
>hard, then pass the sector pulses through. If soft, then generate the 

 I'm not sure what good this would do. The two formats
are not compatable and one controller can't read the others
data. There'd be little reason to detect between the two
coming out of the drive.

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