[sebhc] H-67 interface notes:

West, Ronald S. RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com
Fri Jul 2 11:02:26 CDT 2004


Go for it. 

I think there will be folks interested in this. I have been working on an
IDE interface for some time but efforts have stalled due to work and
personal life. I will get back on track soon and provide a schematic (now
partially finished) for folks to experiment with.

The 100Meg Zip drive would be cool as its portable and about the right size
for HDOS. From what I have found, HDOS has a 33.5MB limit on storage space
due to using a 16bit word to address sectors on disk. That is only if it
allows us to use 512 bytes per sector. If we are limited to 256 then will
only have half of that.

Keep us updated.


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> Hi : all
> I just read the information on the h-67 interface -- it is a 
> SCSI  type , so 
> I plan to post info for for building an adapter cable for 
> both 25 pin ( mac 
> kind )  50 pin ( the usual type).
> I am think of using both  100 meg Zip drive and also a 44 meg 
> Syquest SCSI 
> drive. I will be coding a partition program later for both 
> CP/M and  HDOS.  
> I was also thinking of coding a boot selector.
> Any thoughts an this?
> bill ..
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