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Tue Jul 6 15:26:34 CDT 2004

Thanks a bunch.

Walter Moore wrote:

>> While working on my new H19 emulation program, I ran into a term I'm 
>> not familiar with. STICK PARITY. It is an option set by the DIP 
>> switches in the H19. I know that the parity bit can be missing, (N), 
>> even parity (E), odd parity (O), mark (M) or space (S), but what is 
>> Is it some form of Mark or Space?
> Yes.  This is how they get mark and space.  With the 8250, when you 
> select Stick Parity, the parity bit is transmitted and received in the 
> opposite state of the parity select bit (and switch).  So if you 
> select "Even Parity" and "Stick Parity", you will get a space,.  "Odd 
> Parity" and "Stick Parity" should give you a mark.
> Check out the Line Control Register, bit 3 (Parity Enable), bit 4 
> (Even Parity Select) and bit 5 (Stick Parity) in either the H8-4 
> manual or the H-47 manual.
> ..walt
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