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Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
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 These generally will not work because the punches
are ground from the outside intead of the inside.
They are intended to be used to punch against a hard surface
and will normally distort the hole around the outside of the
punched hole ( not a good thing ). It needs to be a clean
punch without distorting the disk.

>From: "Deb and Glenn Roberts" <gfroberts at adelphia.net>
>For the hole punch you might want to check out a craft or scrapbooking
>store. My wife does scrapbooking and I noticed they have a range of manual
>hole punch tools - I'm guessing one of them is around .1 ".  these are sold
>for punching holes into paper and other materials for securing with small
>rivets but they'd work fine for your purpose. The way they work is there's a
>small rubber pad you put beneath the material then you hit the top of the
>punch with a hammer.
>Here's an example of one I found on the internet (this one's 1/8"):
>or here's another one with different sizes:
>- glenn
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>> Eric J. Rothfus wrote:
>> >I am quite enjoying this exchange, so I thought I'd add a
>> >crazy idea.  It would be fairly easy to create the "drill
>> >bit" from a hot piece of wire.  You'd have to do quite a
>> >few experiments on a sacrificial floppy to see what voltage/
>> >current on the wire made the best hole with the least
>> >amount of rolled-up plastic lip.  The best wire shape would
>> >be an interesting experiment too.
>> >
>> >Eric
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>> I went to Lowes today and picked up a piece of laminated shelf material.
>> I am going to try to use this as a base. I want to get a diskette drive
>> hub and clamp. I'm going to try to put that in the laminate base. The
>> tricky part will be to drill the holes for the center of the drive hub
>> and the hole. I am going to try to either buy or make a die that will be
>> pressed into the base. Then a slidable piece on top will contain the
>> photosensor and the hole punch. That's about as far as I've gotten yet.
>> Carroll
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