[sebhc] H-8-IDE board

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 22 12:25:51 CDT 2004

>>Due to the way HDOS 2.0 (don't know if
>>3.0 is different) allocates files it will only store 400 files per disk
>>(including system and directory files).
>Are you certain about the 400 files?  I haven't given the source code a 
>good look in a long time, but I thought that the limit was about 250 files.

You can't have more files than allocation groups, and the group table index 
for a floppy is one byte.  H-17 floppies had 200 allocation groups, but I've 
made fantasy floppies for the simulator with 250.  The total capacity has to 
be a common multiple of both the allocation size and the number of sectors 
per track.

I don't recall the H-67 layout though, perhaps it got around that 
limitation.  You'd probably want to set up your driver to make your IDE 
drive look like an H-67 to the system rather than a bunch of floppies 


- Steven

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