[sebhc] H8 Emulator update

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Tue Jun 1 12:36:58 CDT 2004

Hi Carroll
 I've just sent Steven a copy of my H89LDR6.ZIP. Over the
weekend, I've confirmed that it works with the XCON8 and
H8-4 serial card. You need to follow the instructions in
the README.TXT of the H8 exactly! You should use the
image of the HDOS20 that is on the web page.
 It uses channel 1 of the card. This is normally the
line printer port. You need to connect a RS232 cable
between the PC and this port. Make sure you get the
signals correct. Use one of those led light indicators
to check the the signals are correct. Only one end
of the cable should light pin 2 and pin 3 from the other.
 For those that don't know what the H89LDR is, it is a
way to bring up a H89 and now H8 system without have any
disk with code. All one needs is the image files to load.
One enters a small bootstrap from the front panel monitor
and then code is downloaded to the H89/H8 to copy images
to the disk.
 The version 6 only handles machines with the H8-4 serial
card. So far, it has only been confirmed to work with
the Z80 processor card and the XCON8 monitor. I am currently
writing code to use with the PAM8 and the H8-5 Cassette/Serial
card. It requires a little bit of different code since
it uses the 8251 instead of the 8250 for serial. I expect
to have this newer version working with a week or so.
 I you have a working drive and a blank disk, you should be
able to use my code to resort things to the disk. My code
can also be used to move disk images to and from the H89/H8
systems for backup and such.
 Please let me know if you have any problems with my code.
On the H8, the only minor issue I've seen is that when
it runs, it leaves the drives motor running. So far, this
hasn't caused any issues. Also, if the code works for
you, please let me know. Since this is free code, thanks
is the only pay I get.
 I also recommend that if you are copying disk that you
have to the PC that you put write protect tags on your
disk. The disk drive will protect your disk from accidental
execution of the wrong instruction or from possible errors
in my code. Better safe than sorry.

>From: "Carroll Waddell" <CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com>
>I'm going to scan the HDOS infor and upload it. Jack thought several 
>people would like to have it.
>Actually, as hot as it is here, I'd like to deliver it to you 
>personally. Hope it's cooler where you live.
>Dave Dunfield wrote:
>>At 23:03 31/05/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>>>I was just looking at an article in the July 1981 edition of 
>>>microcomputing titled, "Dissecting the HDOS Diskette." I don't have any 
>>>idea if it will help you or not, but if you want it, and give me your 
>>>address, I'll make a copy of it for you. Also, are you looking for the 
>>>H17 controller card, or the diskette drive and enclosure?
>>Hi Carroll,
>>This sounds like it would be VERY useful - please do send a copy:
>>  Dave Dunfield
>>  115 Manion Heights Cres.
>>  RR#2 Carp, Ontario Canada
>>  K0A 1L0
>>I will scan it and make it available to everyone.
>>Yes - I would like very much to find an H17 card. The drive and
>>enclosure would be nice as well, although I do have a stack of
>>drives that should work (the H17 drive is a standard 5.25" non-HD
>>drive right?

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