[sebhc] H17 disassembly or listing

Deb and Glenn Roberts gfroberts at adelphia.net
Tue Jun 1 21:14:01 CDT 2004

I believe I have a fairly complete and rather well commented one from 20
years ago. But it's on a disk on the H8 itself.  I'll dredge it up and post

Also some articles I wrote for REMark and other mag's back then. One was on
the H17 disk structure and ways to save space (REMark v5, issue 2, p. 58+).

Give me a few days to track the stuff down...

- glenn

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> Hi
>  Has anyone done a complete disassembly with comments on the H17?
> I've started one but it needs a lot of work yet. I don't want
> to just repeat what someone else has done.
> Dwight
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