[sebhc] fstools and other things

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 2 12:24:52 CDT 2004

>     $ tosvd -s JV1 -o H17 filename > outputfile.h17
>However, because there is no volume number in the images
>you'd need to edit the H17 image first line header

Actually, all images do contain the volume number.  The following patch will 
cause it to be recognised and dumped properly:

--- old/jv.c	Tue Jun  1 21:23:47 2004
+++ jv.c	Wed Jun  2 12:04:58 2004
@@ -564,0 +565,3 @@
+    /* get HDOS volume number			-sp	*/
+    floppy->volume = floppy->side[0][0].sector[9].data[0];

>     $ fstool -r -F hdos -f filename

It would be cool if "JV1" could be used as the format here, and then you 
could skip the conversion step.

>(removing foot from mouth) he was right. How could I have doubted you 
>Steven! ;-)

Just don't do it again!  :-)

> > Having another side doubles the number of tracks.
> > The side isn't included in the sector address.
>IMHO it is important to separate the OS on an
>image/floppy from the physical format.  The physical
>format may not change but the higher-level OS may
>impose a different interpretation.

Yea, but that's a matter of concern for emulators, but not for the file 
format.  It doesn't matter if track 40 is the first track on side 2, or in 
the middle of side 1; in either case, it will follow "track 39" in the image 

That's why the only significant difference between 1s80t.h8d and 2s40t.h8d 
is the LAB.VFL byte.

>   Linux - it should just compile "make fstool" for example

Hmm.  Well, it does ... AFTER you remove all the cr's from the line endings. 
Also, just plain "make" ALMOST works .. but an intermediate product gets 
deleted before it's needed.

Members of this list may also enjoy the following patch:

--- old/fstool.c	Tue Jun  1 21:23:47 2004
+++ fstool.c	Wed Jun  2 11:19:29 2004
@@ -66 +66 @@
-    char		*fs_type = fs_types[0];
+    char		*fs_type = fs_types[4];	/* Make hdos default! -sp */


- Steven

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