[sebhc] fstools and other things

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 2 16:13:48 CDT 2004

>...getting the HDOS volume number out of the
>file-system within the reading of physical image is a
>no-no...particularly when dealing with CP/M images.

So how do you get the volume number from a cpm image now?

>We still need to put it in the image format somewhere.

But not for the volume number.  To really do it right, that , along with the 
sector address, would need to be carried separately for every sector.  And 
you'd still have to define these as part of a sector prefix, which exists 
separate from the data, with a "tunnel" area in between.

>...the Cat-weasel (nice name I know) that will dump a floppy image
>verbatim into a file.  This image preserves enough data to be able to
>allow even copy-protected floppy images to operate.

It'd be interesting to see if a cat-weasel would properly identify and 
recreate sector headers and tunnels on an hdos disk.  :-)

>(Man, you are quick!)  Normally, I change this by re-ordering the
>files in the Makefile, however.

Oops .. I was TOO quick.  The makefile trick is nicer.  I didn't think to 
look in there!
I un-did that patch in favor of the other method.


- Steven (with a "v")  :-)

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