[sebhc] My H8 Systems

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Wed Jun 2 19:58:53 CDT 2004

 I've been working on my transfer code for the H8-5
serial boards. I spent most of my time with silly
typos and making sure that the pieces all worked
with each other.
 The bootstrap and the main loader code have to know
about each other. This is because of the closeness
of how these work together. I have to make two passes
through the assembler ( when I do it right ) to determine
addresses and sizes.
 I was thinking that the serial port of the H8-5
was most likely compatible with the serial port used
to communicate between the H88 board and the H19 of
a H89. This would mean that if this worked, one
could also use my image transfer with a H88/89/90
that didn't have the serial board.
 I'll have to look into this.
 I bought some more RAM's today to repopulate the
ones I stripped to get my older H8 working. The
parts are the 4Kx1 parts. I wasn't able to find any
of the TI parts ( TMS4044 ) but did find some
AMD ( AM9044 ) parts. These are kind of rare and
are not particularly cheap. I got them for $2.95US.
I suspect that they were originally quite a bit
more expensive in the H8 days. No wonder most people
didn't have full 64K systems.

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