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these guys may have gone to work for Microsoft, but MS-DOS was
based on work done by Tim Paterson from Seattle Computer Products.


best regards, Steve Thatcher

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Carroll and Dave wrote:
>> >Also, does anyone know if there was ever a DOS version for
the 8080, or
>> >was CP/M the closest thing?
>> >Carroll
>>There were several OS's for the 8080, however MS-DOS or PC-DOS
was not
>>one of them - CP/M is probably the closest, as DOS grew from
roots in
>Actually, HDOS is the "father" of "DOS" (MS-DOS or PC-DOS),
Gordon Letwin 
>and Greg Chandler worked for Heath Company and developed HDOS.
Then they 
>went to Microsoft and developed MS-DOS. The file system used
>-- File Allocation Table) is based on the HDOS file allocation
system, not 
>on the CP/M system. CP/M has the allocation units stored in
the directory 
>enties, not in separate parts of the disk, like HDOS and MS-DOS
>-- Pat
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