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Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 3 18:28:37 CDT 2004

> >Do you know if CP/M drivers for the Heathkit hard-sectored controller
> >do the same thing?
>I'd suspect that they all use volume 0 but I don't know.

That seems to be what I recall.  Admittedly, I worked much more extensively 
with HDOS.  So you'd need to know a disk is CPM to emulate it (maybe call it 
h8c?).  But before you'd need to worry about that, the emulator would need 
to handlle the xcon memory swap i/o port control.

Also, I think CPM was much more commonly used on H37's and 47's.

>From: Pat Swayne
>Actually, HDOS is the "father" of "DOS" (MS-DOS or PC-DOS), Gordon Letwin 
>and Greg Chandler ... went to Microsoft and developed MS-DOS.

Then, Steve Thatcher said:
>these guys may have gone to work for Microsoft, but MS-DOS was
>based on work done by Tim Paterson from Seattle Computer Products.

Yea, that's what I recall also.   Letwin may have hacked on DOS, but 
Microsoft bought it from Paterson (for a steal, if I remember).  Chandler 
was still at Heath well after MS-DOS was out and had gone through several 
revisions.  (I didn't even know he ever went to Microsoft).

- Steven

P.S. I added a little gizmo named "hlab.exe" to the utilities .. it just 
prints out the label sector info from a disk image (h8d).

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