[sebhc] Hello to all H-8 Users!

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Fri Jun 4 09:25:05 CDT 2004

Now that's something I would like to see. H8-IDE

West, Ronald S. wrote:

>Collado, Norberto said:
>>    I still have my H-8 and last time it was power-up was in 
>>1986 after moving from Puerto Rico to Framingham, MA and it 
>>has all the improvements that I mentioned; plus a 10 Meg had 
>>drive which I will love to upgrade to an IDE drive if someone 
>>has done it. Once I unboxed my H-8 I will let you know what 
>>goodies I still have.
>I looked at the super buffer board and that is way cool. You mention above
>that you had a 10 Meg drive attached also. What O/S was used to access that
>drive? Was HDOS able to see and use the whole thing?
>I am currently working on an IDE interface for the H-8. Development has been
>slow for a while due to other things going on. Trying to use original design
>techniques and the same logic used on the original boards to keep it close
>to what might have come out of Benton Harbor (not sure if that has a lot of
>value but it sounds good <wink>). Thought of using a PAL to decrease the
>number of IC's on board but I know most folks don't have the means to
>program one of those, so am sticking to discreet IC's and will see what the
>chip count is when I am done. 
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