[sebhc] HDOS versions / ROMs

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 4 21:51:08 CDT 2004

>I have a ROM in my H8 that I do not know exactly what it is. The XCON8 ROM 
>was 444-70. The one in my H8 is 444-74. I'm pretty sure it came with the 
>XCON 8 option card. It can do an autoboot if one switch is set on the 
>option card.

Yea, that's a feature of the xcon system and also the HA-8-6 Z80 cpu card.  
PAM8AT is for stock (non-xcon) systems.  It's the same size as PAM8 and 

However, could you make a dump of your 444-74 and send it to me?  We don't 
currently have one of those in the archives!

There's also a 444-124 rom .. anyone got one of those?

- Steven

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