[sebhc] H19 emulation

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Mon Jun 7 15:11:51 CDT 2004

I'm getting close to finishing the H19 emulation program. At the moment, 
I have data going to both my emulation program and a real H19, to be 
sure they both react the same way.  I've included H19 graphics in this 
emulation. I will post both the program and the source code when I 
finish. I don't plan to emulate ANSI at the moment, maybe later. The 
program will operate by connecting your H8 to a PC Comm port 1. With 
some modifications, PC Comm port 2 can emulate 2 cassette machines for a 
tape system. PC Comm port 3 can be connected to an H8 printer port to 
allow you to print to a PC parallel printer.
I hope there is a little interest in this. I've spent a lot of time in 

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