[sebhc] Update of image transfer file

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Mon Jun 7 15:39:30 CDT 2004

Hi All
 I've made an update of my image transfer file.
It has been posted to the ftp page.
Here are a list of the things it does:

1. Take an image file ( *.H8D in the ftp library ) and
 create a disk on the H89/Z90/H8 platforms.
2. Bootstraps a Hxx machine with no floppies with code on them.
3. Transfers image files to and from PC to Hxx disk.

I have checked the following platforms. Other
combination may work.

H89 with serial card.
H8 with PAM8 and H8-5 ( one may be able to use this with
                        the H19 port of the H88 board on a H89
                        if you don't have a serial card ).
H8 with XCON8 and H8-4

 This code is only for 40 track hard sectored systems( so far ).
It will run in a H8 with only 8K starting at 040.000.
 I'm looking for feedback.

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