Software Toolworks software - was [sebhc] Re: LISP/80 for Heath Kit computers

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at
Wed Jun 16 19:01:06 CDT 2004

>From: "Rubin, Jack" <rubinj at>
>Walt has generously given us (SEBHC) permission to share all _his_ 8-bit 
Software Toolworks software targeted for Heathkit computers. Note that not all 
software with the Software Toolworks label was written by Walt himself. If 
anyone has software that falls within the above guidelines that you wish to 
share, please upload it and Steven or I will place it in the archives. Software 
that runs on a PC (i.e. that is 16 bit) is not included in this permission and 
thus will not be shared via the SEBHC archives.

Hi Jack
 This is really great. I should have asked Walt Bilofsky
about this when I asked about the LISP/80. I regret
that this is only one of the two Software Toolworks 
disk that I have. The other is a Chess program. I'm
still trying to contact that author. Is there anyone
on the list from Mobile AL that would consider trying
to contact the fellow? I forgot his name but he is
one of the major Chess program writers. I do have
a name and address someplace.

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