[sebhc] Forth disk

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Thu Jun 17 12:58:27 CDT 2004

 I see that the Forth disk has also been added.
Has anyone tried it with the emulator? It runs
on a H89 so it is hard tied to the same serial
port as would be used on a H8 with a H8-5
serial/cassette card. I should check it out to make
sure it works under this environment but I expect
it to. I can create a version to run with the H8-4
given a little time( see below about meta
compiler ).
 I have some screens disk that I've built up
over time but they need a little cleaning.
I do also have some meta compiling disk. These
allow one to completely create a new version
of Forth ( takes a couple of minutes ). I did
it the lazy way by creating an intermediate
Forth that is then used to create the final
Forth. It is a little more in steps but it
allows one to check out the new features before
committing thing to disk.
 The screens disk also has a simple editor
that used the H89 or H19 type escape sequences.
These wouldn't work to well without something
like the H19 emulator of Carroll's or a real
H89/H19. I can help someone make a simple line
editor if they are interested in using this
Forth with a H9 or other simple terminal.
 Give me a little time and I'll release these
disk images with the utilities and meta compiler
to the library. I need to do a little cleanup
work on them first.

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