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Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 17 23:12:50 CDT 2004

Carroll Waddell wrote:
> I may have already asked this before, but I'm not sure.
> Does anyone know of someone who can repair Tektronics scopes.
> I have 4 - 453 scopes.
> I'll give someone 3 of them if they will repair 1 for me.

I saw your earlier post, but don't know of anyone who can help. I've had
several Tektronix 'scopes, and they are very good instruments. The
manuals for the older ones are also wonderful. However, you need a
'scope to fix a 'scope. And, finding parts is a challenge. When mine
broke I was able to track it down to the component level -- but then
couldn't get parts.
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