[sebhc] 444-66

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Sat Jun 19 11:09:25 CDT 2004


Please put one on hold for me (I assume that you have the source and can
burn more?) while I check out my "hot H89" to see what's in it.


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> While searching for a power cord, I "found" a package of some 
> 444-66 ICs that I had made for my 6MHz H89 modification. 
> These are special versions encoded in a high-speed pal to 
> handle the higher system clock speed. Isn't that something - 
> we now look at CPU speeds over 3GHz, but back then the 6MHz 
> was a flying demon!
> Anyway, I did not know if anyone might need these items, so I 
> am posting to the list to let you know that 5 pieces of this 
> special item exist!
> Peter
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