[sebhc] Forth disk

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Tue Jun 22 16:49:25 CDT 2004

Hi All
 I did some more work on the stuff last night.
I realize now that the version on the ftp will
only work on the H89. I don't know why but I thought
that the console serial would be the same for both
the H89 and the H8 w/ H8-5. As it turns out, they
are not the same. The H89 uses a 8250 to talk to
the monitor, similar to what is on the H8-4 but
at a different address. The H8-5 is a 8251. To make
things a little more tricky, I used the receive
interrupt in the Forth. It'll take me a day or
two more to get this stuff incorporated into the
meta source so I can generate the needed image.
 I've already dealt with both types of serial chips
in my image loader so it is just a matter of patching
things in. I expect that, initially, I'll have three
versions. One for the H89, one for the H8 w/ H8-5
and one for the H8 w/ H8-4. I may make a universal
one later that will detect what port is being used
with the [SPACE] request used by HDOS.
 I also send a sequence on boot to the monitor to
switch it to the capital letter mode. This is only useful
for the H89 or H19 but not for a truely dumb terminal
like the H9. I suspect I'll modify this to default
to nothing and leave a switch in the meta compiler
to select the H19/H89 escape setup.
 I do have it running on the H8 but without a head.
Patching the right serial address and port access
method will bring it fully to life. I just need the
free time in the evenings to get it done.

>From: "Dwight K. Elvey" <dwight.elvey at amd.com>
> I worked a bunch on this over the weekend but
>still didn't get a chance to boot it on a H8.
>I'm still fiddling on the H89.
>>From what I know now, you'd need a machine with
>48K RAM and a H8-5 Ser/Cas board to use the one
>in the ftp.

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