[sebhc] Forth disk

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Wed Jun 23 17:13:42 CDT 2004

Hi All
 I worked more on this last night. I have a disk
booting to Forth from a H8 w/ H8-5.
 I thought getting it to work with the H8 w/ H8-4
would be quick because the H89 uses the same serial
chip. I just changed the addresses but that didn't
work. I didn't think about it till this morning,
the H89 has to initialize the 8250 on boot to use
the monitor. I didn't do initialization in my original
Forth so all I have to do is initialize the 8250
serial chip. The H8 doesn't do any initialization
on boot.
 I hope I get something to release by tomorrow
because I expect to be gone from tomorrow afternoon
until Monday. I think that getting the README to
match the code will be the toughest part. The
code is just about ready.

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