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Peter peter59 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 26 15:38:58 CDT 2004

Does anyone know the status of the Z-System that was developed by Echelon
(Dennis Wright for ZRDOS, etc)? I wrote the BIOS mods and modified the ZCPR
processor to run on the H89 (worked on H8 also I believe). I am willing to
make the Z-System (a bootable alternative to CP/M) available to the group IF
we have permission from the ZRDOS and ZCPR copyright holders. Hence my
question as to Echelon folks' whereabouts. I did send an e-mail to
echolon.com to see if they are the same company, but have not yet heard a
response (just sent the e-mail).

Another question would be, is anyone interested in what I am doing, or am I
wasting my time?

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> I just purchased CPM through ebay, however, they were soft sector 
> diskettes, and I only have a hard sector controller. Can anyone copy 
> them from soft to hard format diskettes?
> Carroll

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