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I used to run ZCPR on my Godbout S100 system and still have the system
disks I built back then, though I haven't tried to boot them recently
(as in the last 20 years). However, by the time that I had ZCPR running,
I was already starting to run Multiuser Concurrent DOS with a 286
processor and never really got too involved with the Z-System. 

While I'd certainly like to see it on the H8* boxes, it's your call as
to whether you want to do the work - you can contact Jay Sage directly
at http://www.gaby.de/edownf.htm for further info on copyrights - my
impression is that he's released the entire system to the public domain.
Please let me know what you find out.

Maybe by the time you get an answer we'll have settled on a virtual disk


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> Does anyone know the status of the Z-System that was 
> developed by Echelon (Dennis Wright for ZRDOS, etc)? I wrote 
> the BIOS mods and modified the ZCPR processor to run on the 
> H89 (worked on H8 also I believe). I am willing to make the 
> Z-System (a bootable alternative to CP/M) available to the 
> group IF we have permission from the ZRDOS and ZCPR copyright 
> holders. Hence my question as to Echelon folks' whereabouts. 
> I did send an e-mail to echolon.com to see if they are the 
> same company, but have not yet heard a response (just sent 
> the e-mail).
> Another question would be, is anyone interested in what I am 
> doing, or am I wasting my time?
> Peter
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> > I just purchased CPM through ebay, however, they were soft sector
> > diskettes, and I only have a hard sector controller. Can 
> anyone copy 
> > them from soft to hard format diskettes?
> > Carroll
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