[sebhc] H17 diskettes

Peter peter59 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 28 17:57:55 CDT 2004

Good point. I forgot about the floppy controller. In order to read a
particular floppy format, the controller would need to have capability of
handling the density that the floppy was recorded at. If the controller in
your computer (usually on the motherboard these days) does not support the
H37 format, the only solution is to install another floppy controller in the
computer. Of course, there would also have to be software that reads the
format as well.

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>  The data encoding is not compatable between the hard
> and soft sectored. To read the soft sectored on a PC is
> possible with hardware that can handle that density ( most
> PC's are not capable of doing single density ).
> There are boards specifically designed to do this.
>  If some wanted to give me a soft sectored setup, I could
> write an addition to my transfer program to handle soft
> sectored systems, as well as the hard sectored.
> Dwight

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