[sebhc] hard sector substitute

Walter Moore waltm22 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 30 11:56:09 CDT 2004

>I was interviewing with Mentor Graphics for a Field Representative for
>their CAE design systems. They needed someone who knew hardware and
>software. When I was asked if I was a programmer, I responded yes. I
>certainly had the software background at that time to write any type of
>software. I was told later by a friend that I had blown the interview. If I
>had said software engineer, then that would have been acceptable. It seems
>Mentor had this idea that being just a programmer was not the type of
>person they needed.

I have always found the term "Software Engineer" amusing.  Last time I 
checked here in Washington (the state), you could not call yourself a 
"Software Engineer."  Why?  Because before you could use the title 
"Engineer" you had to pass a state test for certification.  There was no 
such test here then, and I have not heard of such a test currently (but 
then, I'm not looking for one).  Of course this hasn't stopped people from 
saying they are a software engineer just because it sounds sexier than 
programmer.  I've had to fix/redesign (oops, make that re-architect) too 
many of these so-self-called engineer's code to know that it doesn't matter 
what title you want to use, your code will tell us how good you are.

I'm a programmer.  My code speaks for itself.


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