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considering that I worked in Washington state for 27 years and there was never any issue having a title of software engineer, principal engineer, electronics engineer, etc (without taking a state test), I would be interested in seeing what you referenced for your research. It is true that if you want a Professional Engineer certification, then you indeed have to test a state test and pass it.

Do keep in mind that not all software engineers are as incompetent as the ones you obviously worked with... and not all programmers are as competent as you are...

best regards, Steve Thatcher

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>I was interviewing with Mentor Graphics for a Field Representative for
>their CAE design systems. They needed someone who knew hardware and
>software. When I was asked if I was a programmer, I responded yes. I
>certainly had the software background at that time to write any type of
>software. I was told later by a friend that I had blown the interview. If I
>had said software engineer, then that would have been acceptable. It seems
>Mentor had this idea that being just a programmer was not the type of
>person they needed.

I have always found the term "Software Engineer" amusing.  Last time I 
checked here in Washington (the state), you could not call yourself a 
"Software Engineer."  Why?  Because before you could use the title 
"Engineer" you had to pass a state test for certification.  There was no 
such test here then, and I have not heard of such a test currently (but 
then, I'm not looking for one).  Of course this hasn't stopped people from 
saying they are a software engineer just because it sounds sexier than 
programmer.  I've had to fix/redesign (oops, make that re-architect) too 
many of these so-self-called engineer's code to know that it doesn't matter 
what title you want to use, your code will tell us how good you are.

I'm a programmer.  My code speaks for itself.


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