[sebhc] Software Engineer & selling H89

Peter peter59 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 30 20:21:42 CDT 2004

I can't help but throw in my solution to this. When I went back to grad
school, I got an MS in Computer Engineering. This kept me in the electronics
engineering arena, as well as being accepted as a computer
science/programmer type guy. All this was prompted by my getting into
teaching - industry did not care what degrees I had (math degree in my
case), they just wanted for me to be able to do the job well (which I did).
In entering teaching, I found that the degree was more important than the
knowledge! Sad but true. Incidentally, I also had (still have) a
Professional Engineering License from the state of California, but that did
not impress most schools (except for Oregon Institute of Technology).

On another topic, I have been thinking of selling my original H89 that I
used to develop all the  Anapro/Analytical Products hardware and software
on. I found this list through a contact on e-bay where some H89 were being
sold. If I should decide to part with my machine, what is the best way to
find it a proper buyer? Thanks for any suggestions.

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> I have always found the term "Software Engineer" amusing.  
> Last time I 
> checked here in Washington (the state), you could not call yourself a 
> "Software Engineer."  Why?  Because before you could use the title 
> "Engineer" you had to pass a state test for certification.  
> I'm a programmer.  My code speaks for itself.
> ..walt

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