[sebhc] Trionyx

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Sun May 2 06:59:40 CDT 2004

I have a Trionyx 64K memory board, but it doesn't work anymore. I still 
have the Trionyx drawings for that board.

Jack Rubin wrote:

>I've just posted a file of Trionyx product marketing info to the
>document folder in the sebhc archive.
>Trionyx tried valiantly to support and develop the H8 after the
>Heath/Zenith merger and the emergence of the IBM PC left it orphaned.
>I'd like to put together a short history of Trionyx. If anyone has any
>more info, documentation or hardware, please let me know. I'm also
>interested in acquiring any Trionyx items that might be available.
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Delivered by the SEBHC Mailing List

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