[sebhc] Trying to get NetPC 3.4 running ...

Scott LaBombard labomb at rochester.rr.com
Sun May 2 11:01:29 CDT 2004

Hi folks,

As the subject indicates ... I've been attempting to get NetPC 3.4 up
and running on a recently restored Swtp S/09 system. NetPC starts
up and displays the 'NetPC driver version 3.4' banner ... and then it
sits for a minute or so (presumably trying to connect) and then times
out with 'Can't sync serial transfer!'.

Here are the system specifics (intentionally verbose):

* The S/09 has an MP-09A that is configured for extended addressing
and SBUG 1.8. The system is currently configured to run at 1mhz.

* Installed boards include the MP-ID board, an MP-S2 with only a
single port installed on IO port 0 (console), an MP-S2 with both ports
installed on IO port 1, and two MP-L2 dual port parallel boards
installed on IO ports 2 and 3. In addition, there is a DMAF2 disk
controller, connected to the Swtp dual 8" drive cabinet. For memory,
it has the Swtp SMS3509 memory system (with the SMS3509C
controller card, and one SMS3509A 128k memory array card).

* The operating system is Swtp's flavor of Flex, version 2.7:3.

* The PC side is a Thinkpad laptop with DOS 6.3 installed. I use
this system as a 'console' (running term emulation) for most all of
my vintage systems. I'm using a standard DB9-DB25 serial cable.

I'm connecting the PC to the dual MP-S2 at IO port 1. I've
modified acia.txt to use port A on the MP-S2:

aciac equ $E010
aciad equ $E011

I've also tried $E014,$E015 with the PC connected to port B. I've
also tried adding the 6850 uart initialization code to acia.txt (even
though it is in netdrv.txt already). Last, I also tried just using a three
wire connection (pins 2,3, and 7) ...all with no luck.

The dual MP-S2 has been verified functional installed at IO slot 0
and connected to a console.

The config.txt file on the PC side is set for 9600 baud, the MP-S2
is configured for 9600 baud (strapped). Debug is on in config.txt...
no messages are generated when I run netdrv.bin on the S/09. I've
tried both 'slow' and 'fast' configurations. NetPC initializes just fine
on the PC.

Also, netdrv.txt was assembled on the S/09 itself using asmb.cmd.
No assembly errors were generated.

I imagine that I'm missing something simple here ... any suggestions
would be most welcome. Thanks ...


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