[sebhc] Trying to get NetPC 3.4 running ...

Patrick patrick at vintagecomputermarketplace.com
Sun May 2 17:57:45 CDT 2004

> It would seem that there would be a way to take advantage of
> the H8 simulation work that has been available for some time
> to implement a NetPC capability for H8. Specifically, we should
> be able to use a stripped down iteration of the simulator to handle
> the disk image IO. Instead of having a full simulator that accepts
> disk related commands from the console (and that has a full GUI),
> it would accept disk related commands via the serial port (sent
> from the H8 while booted in HDOS, or perhaps even CP/M).
> I know that Dwight and others have done some work in this
> area ... any comments?

Scott, I've been working on a parallel port version of this for my North
Star Horizon (running CP/M 2.2) for some time.  I haven't done anything with
it for a couple of months, though... many other projects have distracted me.

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