[sebhc] H8 game files uploaded

Eric J. Rothfus eric at rothfus.com
Wed May 5 13:28:57 CDT 2004

Thanks Scott.  The issue I was most interested in was
getting the files into a form that can execute right off
of a floppy in HDOS or CP/M.  In other words, the monitor
program (in either CP/M or HDOS) would know how to load
the file into the appropriate location (apparently 2040h)
and kick it off.

I've seen the formats for executables, but don't remember
them or even where I've seen them.  Maybe, however, I'm
over-engineering-thinking the problem, and simple binary
files will load and execute just fine without a specialized
format in HDOS.  Though I'm fairly sure that something more
interesting is necessary in CP/M.

Regarding how I use the files - I've built a little box
that emulates a physical floppy drive for the H8/89 (as
well as a few others).  You download a floppy image from
the PC and then boot/read it on the H8/89.  One of the
nice things about the PC software is that you can download
a single program and it will be wrapped in a floppy image
so you can run it.  That's what I want to do with the
posted game images.  (for more info see www.theSVD.com)


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