[sebhc] RE: status of resurrections - and a question

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Mon May 10 16:26:33 CDT 2004

Let me know if this is boring you guys...

The H-19 came up fine.

The H17 came up but the 2nd drive isn't working, at first look it appears to 
have a dead head positioning step motor.

I've only found a few of the floppies yet.  Half the bootable ones ... 
don't.  :-)   I haven't tested the pure data disks yet.   But one that did 
boot contained the chess program I released to HUG with the H19 graphics (I 
had forgotten about it!).  I'm getting close to being able to submit stuff 
to the archives...

Speaking of archive software, I have a question for entire list....  Who 
uses what software, in what format, on what gear?  I know Dave G. and I have 
been using the tape software in .PID/.tape format on the emulator.  Has 
anyone used the HUG or HDOS disk images on actual computers yet?   How do 
you make the disks from the data?  Would there be a use for HDOS software in 
other forms than complete disk images?


- Steven

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