[sebhc] Disk formats and emulators

Eric J. Rothfus eric at rothfus.com
Mon May 10 17:48:36 CDT 2004

>  Yes, I agree. The SVD format looks reasonably good. The header
> contains a lot of useful information. I expect to make efforts on
> this soon but I think we can still start image transfers
> initially. Once I get rolling, converting formats for final
> archieving is not an issue.

To give credit where it is due, the "SVD" format is actually
the Daves' format for emulated disks.  The Dave S emulator used
this format, and the Dave W format was moving that way...though
was never (as far as I know) completed.  It isn't the most
efficient format, but I don't like to re-invent things that

I think we should consider standardizing on this format, again,
even though it isn't ideal.  It has the following things going
for it:  (1) it exists and is in use, (2) the image is completely
distinguishable from other formats, such as those used to store
other machines' images (such as TRS-80 or Apple), and (3) it is
quite simple to convert to/from it.  You should see the "DMK"
format for the TRS-80...

Note that Dwight and I have had some discussions about trying
to make it easier to convert/download the different formats,
using his software solution for getting images to the H8/H89.
Hopefully (after spring cleaning and the like :-) we'll get
a chance to work on it.


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