[sebhc] HASL-8 Bug/Corruption?

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Wed May 12 07:02:30 CDT 2004

I have all of the H8 software that I have images for running under my
emulator now. This includes: H8DEMO, BUG-8, TED-8, HASL-8, BHBASIC and EXBASIC

In doing so, I discovered a problem with HASL-8 :

If at the "BINARY (Y/N)?" prompt, I answer 'Y', the emulator aborts with an
invalid opcode at $3221 (062 041). This is a 0x20 byte which appears to be a
space at the end of a "BINARY TAPE (Y/N)? " prompt (and is indeed an invalid
8080 opcode).

It is however getting called! - the offending call instruction is located at
$3961 (071 141). The opcode is C3(303) 21(041) 32(062)
If you look at this block of code, you can see it calls a subroutine to get a
key, compares it for 'Y', and if not, branches away - if 'Y' is entered, it
proceeds to CALL $3221 which contains an invalid opcode!

So .. it looks like there's either a bug in HASL-8, or my copy of it is

Could anyone with an original copy of HASL-8 please check these two locations
and confirm (or deny) that this is what is supposed to be located there?

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