[sebhc] HASL-8 Bug/Corruption?

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed May 12 20:40:56 CDT 2004

>Well... A: I didn't check the CRC - I just clipped the code out of the PID
>file and loaded it into the emulator,

But when you load it with the PAM-8 "load" function it will check it.   The 
other emulator loads via the monitor, I checked it that way and also by 
computing the crc externally.

>...however you can't always just Ignore a bad opcode - $DD .. decodes it as 
>a CALL,

Neat, I didn't remember that.  I'm guessing that any 11xx1101 would be a 
CALL, and any 1100x011 would be a JMP, and 110x1001 would be RET (and of 
course, all 00xxx000 are NOP).  I suppose for accurate emulation all of 
those would have to be handled.

>NOW - If only I can get my hands on the disk controller specs!

Who was inputting the other manuals?  Could you do the H-17 (op) manual 
next?  I't would be a shame to stall Dave while he's on a roll!  Also, 
anyone got H-37/47/67 manuals?


- Steven

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