[sebhc] Dave Dunfield's H8 emulator

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Thu May 13 06:30:08 CDT 2004

> Btw, an SX16 should work, but it's getting on the low range 
> for the emulator - There are two speed issues:
> B) The emulator requires a calibration to emulate this 
> interrupt correctly
>    - It has an ongoing "correction" which gets applied to 
> account for drift
>    in the operating environment, but it does not currently 
> perform a calibration
>    at startup - I have been assuming a relatively fast machine.
>    It will probably work OK if you leave it sit long enough!
>    My 386/33 took a few seconds to get synced, then 
> everything was OK - it
>    executes about 260,000 virtual 8080 instruction/second (on 
> contrast to
>    about 20mips on my P3/733).
>    Once I add a startup calibration it should work much 
> better on slower
>    machines.

Usually, H8 comes up with a constant beep on the sx. It responds to a
reset but then goes back to beeping as soon as a key is pressed. It does
seem to be attempting to synch, but it's not succeeding. I'll try giving
it several-to-many seconds between keypresses to see if that helps, but
clearly this is not a big problem.


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