[sebhc] RE: Go nuts guys (emulator preview)

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Thu May 13 06:48:20 CDT 2004

>One minor quirk I saw was no MON light one time when I brought it up, even 
>after reset (R).  But I couldn't replicate that - it came up with it on for 
>other tries.

I found something which may be related to this. I was drawing the MON light
OFF when I drew the front panel - since PAM-8 writes the output latch anyway
when it starts it didn't matter at first, however now that I can toggle the
panel On/Off, the light gets turned off if you do that - since the emulator
only redraws the light when the output latch bit changes, the light stays
OFF, even though it's actually ON in the output latch. I have corrected this
so that when drawing the front panel, I always reflect the current state of
the lights.


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