[sebhc] Tape images

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Thu May 13 23:03:26 CDT 2004

Carroll says:
>I copied the original Heath tapes, byte for byte, to my PC, and gave them 
>the PID extension.

So that really is from the tape then, not memory contents dumped back out 
again?  That would explain one curious thing I noticed, too.  While the 
format doesn't define any bytes after the crc, the PID files all contain $FF 
after it.   BUT..if you had dumped them with PAM-8 they would contain a 2nd 
copy of the CRC instead.  I never knew how the tapes were manufactured (on 
the other hand, I designed the program that manufactured the diskettes).

It's nice also to know where the name PID came from too.  :-)  But.. do the 
letters stand for anything?


- Steven

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