[sebhc] Emulator update

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Fri May 14 09:04:13 CDT 2004

Hi Guys,

I have just posted an updated edition of my H8 emulator to my
web site. As before, please point your browser to:


I have fixed up a few minor issues which were reported with
the first one.
  - The MONITOR light should now always be updated correctly
  - It *SHOULD* run better on a slow machine, although it will
    still be pokey on anything less than a 486. (I'm still not
    happy with the slow machine calibration, and will at some
    point completely redesign it).

I have added the ability to mount files for Input and Output via
the auxiliary serial port - this allows PAM-8 to read wnd write
.PID files.

I have added a simple PC mode debugger which lets you get inside
the 8080 CPU in ways that PAM-8 can't (You can even debug PAM-8).

I have tidied up the user interface, added more status prompts,
a simple HELP system etc.

Have fun!

Dave Dunfield
dave04a (at)    Dave Dunfield
dunfield (dot)  Firmware development services & tools: www.dunfield.com
com             Vintage computing equipment collector.

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