[sebhc] Tape images

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Fri May 14 14:03:46 CDT 2004

What you suggest is not outside the realm of possibility. As well as 
memory serves, Heath recommended that you do a load and then a dump to 
create a working image of the software. The CRC bytes are not stored in 
memory. They are generated by the monitor program as tape is being 
loaded or written.
Also, I have used this HASL image on my H8 without any trouble.
Also again, here are the program version numbers of the PID software 
that I uploaded.
HASL-8  Issue # 04.05.00
TED-8  Issue # 3.05.00
BUG-8  Issue # 02.05.00
BH Basic  Issue # 05.01.02
Extended BH Basic  Issue # 10.05.00
Hangman  Issue # 20.00.00

If I can create any more confusion, don't hesitate to let me know. I'm 
know far and wide for my confusinating skills.

Steven Parker wrote:

> Carroll says:
>> I loaded the tapes into the H8. Then changed the NORM INTCG switch to 
>> INTHG. Then pressed the dump key on the H8. This sent the tape from 
>> memory to my PC just as if I had written another copy of the tape. 
>> The H8 recreates the CRC after the data is written (Done by PAM-8) 
>> and writes the CRC.
> Now I'm really confused.  If the files were made from memory, then 
> it's possible that a glitch could alter them but still have a good 
> checksum.  But PAM-8 actually writes out the CRC twice.  (The 2nd time 
> is just to be sure that the first one gets out cleanly).  Your files 
> have it once, followed by $FF.
>> Also, if you can find a PAM-8 listing, you can find the routines 
>> there to read, write, generate, and check the data and CRC.
> The listing is in the FTP archives.
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