[sebhc] uploading to the sebhc archives

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Sat May 15 09:59:22 CDT 2004

List members can (and should!) upload items of interest to the archives
by pointing your ftp client to archive.sebhc.org/pub/uploads. Remember
that anonymous login is not supported - you must logon as

After items are put into the uploads folder, the list admin (usually me)
will scan and review the material and then move it to the appropriate
archive directory. 

You cannot download items from the uploads directory, nor can you upload
items to any other directory. This rigamarole reflects the realities of
today's hostile internet environment - open ftp sites are often
subverted as relay stations by net punks. 

Please send notificiation to the list when you post new items.


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