[sebhc] Different HASL8 - Same bug

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Sun May 16 21:56:08 CDT 2004

Hi Guys,

After aligning my tape interface (thanks for the pointer Scott -
My manual says to "See page 53 for the alignment procedure", but
it is in fact on Page 40 as you indicated) - looks like the
second typo I've found in H8 docs (P44 - 2nd paragraph under

Anyway, after tweaking this (It's VERY sensitive), I was able to
load the HASL8 from the tapes that Jack gave me ... It's an older
version (#4.01.01) than the one from Carrol (#4.05.00), but it
has the SAME BUG! - It's in a different location (the string has
moved), but it still tries to execute the $20 byte at the end
of the same "BINARY TAPE Y/N? " string (Now the byte is at $2DB5).

The chances of two images getting corrupted in the same string byte
at two different locations is so astronomical that I officially
declare this a BUG in HASL-8 - you will need to use the /I option
with my emulator to run HASL-8 (Perhaps I should make this the

I had to make a cable, but I was able to get the console port working,
and transfer the image to my PC (which is where I actually tested it
as the emulator traps invalid opcodes).

I will try to load the remaining tapes over the next little while
and preserve whatever versions of software I can find on them.
The only one I know I won't be able to load is EXBASIC, as it
requires 12k and I have only 8. (Hey Carrol - I don't suppose you
want to loan ME one of those 64k cards?)

Btw, although my manual clearly says "4K memory card", the silkscreen
on the board in the computer says "8K STATIC RAM". Which explains
why I can see 8K.

Also, discovered that the emulator debug mode does not correctly scroll
the disassemler back by a page when PgUp is pressed (it does only one
line) - this is fixed, but I'll hold off uploading a new one as it is
a minor bug.

Finally ... Is anyone actually using/testing my emulator? - I haven't
gotten any feedback since the very first publication.

dave04a (at)    Dave Dunfield
dunfield (dot)  Firmware development services & tools: www.dunfield.com
com             Vintage computing equipment collector.

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