[sebhc] unpacking and ressurecting...

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Mon May 17 22:11:16 CDT 2004

>Ok - well how about some pictures? I'd love to see the details of the 
>H8 - is it much different than later ones?

I wish I had a digital camera.   :-(

But this is the first "production" unit .. what they called a "proof" unit.  
So visibly, it's very similar.  Some differences are:
  The finish on the shield metal is different.
  The boards don't have that layer of green coating.
  A lot of the chips (particularly the CPU and memory chips) are the ceramic 
and gold package, not the black plastic type.
  P10 was never installed on the bus board.
  There are a few jumper wires on some boards that later boards wouldn't 
have (or need).

It's current status:  After bridging the open power switch, and warming it 
up on the variac, it came up and ran the memory test successfully.

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