[sebhc] Power switches, etc.

Walter Moore waltm22 at comcast.net
Tue May 18 01:51:22 CDT 2004

While browsing one of the local electronics junk store, I came across a
Dreefs switch which fit perfectly.  I think I paid about a dollar for it.
I was going to pick a few up on the next trip to keep around.  Let me know
if you want one.

I also came across a 10-pin version of the tin plated card edge connector
needed for the H8.  I bent the pins to 90 degrees and it fit into my H-10
breadboard just fine.  I know they aren't the 25 pin version, but they were
8 for $1, and these guys are very flexible in pricing.  They probably had
2000 of these.  I could get some if there is any interest.


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> I found one in the All Electronics cat that will probably work. I
> measured the opening a couple of weeks ago when I was rebuilding it. The
> opening is 1.1" x .55" (about). All has a lighted rocker switch  CAT#
> LRS-17. Looks like it will fit. Not an exact match, but probably close
> enough.
> Carroll
> Steven Parker wrote:
> > Dang, now I have ANOTHER bad power switch.. anyone know of a source
> > for an exact replacement ?  I hate to mess up the case to put a
> > different one in.
> >
> > On those 2716's ... I seem to recall casually replacing the original
> > rom's with them whenever we were trying out custom code or upgrades.
> >
> > Steven
> >
> > P.S.  I found my 37 and 47 .. but I never had H8 interfaces for them
> > (they were for my H89, which is yet to be powered up).  Plus I'm not
> > sure that 47 ever worked .. I got it 2nd hand.  Which is too bad,
> > since I have a bunch of software on 8-inch disks, including, if I
> > remember right, the HDOS source code.
> >
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