[sebhc] naming conventions

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Tue May 18 18:46:49 CDT 2004

>I don't like ".tape" and ".disk" ...
>  #2 - It does not tell you what machine it's for. I have a number of 
>emulators, and
>       it's nice if you can tell what machine a file is for ... ".DSK" 
>could be for
>       any one.

I was just assuming one would keep separate emulators and their associated 
software in different locations (folders).  :-)

>so -- I chose ".H8T" which stands for "H8 Tape", if I do a disk emulation, 
>disk file will be called ".H8D" which will stand for "H8 Disk".

It's your emulator .. you win !   :-)

>If someone can present a good H8 related reason for the extension "PID", I 
>will be
>happy to switch it all back.

Hey, I was only lobbying for "tape".  :-)

>[Turns out that 1/2 or more of the documents in the archive are unreadable 
>to me,
>  which is VERY annoying - I've not seen this anywhere else - and I 
>download a fair
>  number of PDF's in my line of work]

My version5 reads them but always gives the warning "may contain newer 
information than this browser can support."   I don't think these have 
anything fancy in them ... I wonder - is there a simple way to convert them 
to a more universal format?


- Steven

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